Twin Falls is a city adventure enthusiasts seek out. The wild adventures in Twin Falls are kayaking to Pillar and Shoshone Falls or Tandem BASE jumping. Get out of your comfort zone and get out on an adventure!  

Wild Adventures in Twin Falls

Kayaking to Pillar Falls

Twin Falls, Idaho is known for the almost 500 foot deep Snake River Canyon where you can kayak. AWOL Adventure Sports is a locally owned rental business located at Centennial Waterfront Park in the Snake River Canyon. AWOL rents tandem kayaks, single kayaks, and paddle boards. The staff will get you set up with a life jacket, paddles and your choice of boat. They carry it down to the river for you and help you in.

The paddle from Centennial Waterfront Park to Pillar Falls is 2 miles long, and will take you under the Perrine Bridge! Pillar Falls is hidden at the base of the Snake River Canyon where you can hop around rocks and explore the river waterfall area. In the spring and early summer it can be a raging waterfall area, then in the late summer to winter it becomes the perfect place to get out of your kayaks and explore! Be sure to check water conditions before climbing out of your kayaks and onto the pillars as it can be dangerous. To get out of your kayak, go to the far right hand side of the pillars, and carefully climb out and onto the flat rocks.

The paddle is 4 miles total (there and back) and can be tiring. We recommend that you’ve kayaked a couple of times and feel comfortable for long distances. Tandem kayaks are a great way to split up the paddling and enjoy time with little ones on the water. AWOL Adventure Sports also offers guided trips for Pillar Falls and Shoshone Falls!

Kayaking to Shoshone Falls

Kayak Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Waterfalls

Take paddling to Pillar Falls to the next level by continuing upstream all the way to Shoshone Falls! This is considered one of the most wild adventures in Twin Falls. Start at Centennial Waterfront Park and paddle to Pillar Falls, then stay to the right of Pillar Falls to carry your kayaks over the rocky waterfall area. Put in on the other side of the falls and paddle 2 more miles to Shoshone Falls. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart! Book a guided tour with AWOL Adventure Sports for the best experience possible. They will assure you are safe and know where to go. We do not recommend you attempt this without first doing research.

Experienced kayaker required. The paddle is 8 miles total (there and back) and is absolutely beautiful, but can be exhausting. Be prepared with sunscreen, hats, food, and lots of water. It’s very important to check the weather and know that wind can make for a difficult paddle. Plan for this adventure to take around 8 hours.

*Safety Tips*

  • Wear your life jacket!
  • Do NOT swim at Pillar Falls because it is not safe.
  • Do not get too close to Shoshone Falls, especially when the water levels are high.

Tandem BASE Jump off the Perrine Bridge with a professional

Base Jumping Twin Falls Idaho

The most extreme of Southern Idaho adventures is jumping off of the Perrine Bridge! As long as the weather cooperates, professional BASE jumpers can be seen leaping off the bridge most of the day. Travelers can watch them at the Twin Falls Visitor Center, or have the option to experience this for themselves!

Check out a local company called Tandem BASE to book a jump with a professional. Sean Chuma is a local BASE jumper who has been doing it for years and years. He is extremely experienced and will go over all the steps before jumping. You’ll be strapped in with Sean and he will guide you safety, gear and how to have an amazing time. The experience is truly a once in a lifetime, and not many people can say they have done this daring jump.

Once you leap from the Perrine Bridge, Sean will fly you to Mogensen Trail at the base of the canyon. The hike to the nearest parking lot is about a mile. Many describe the experience as a rush, followed by extremely peaceful . BASE jumping is one of the coolest and most unique, wild adventures in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Climbing at Dierkes Lake

Climb Every Mountain

Dierkes Lake is a wonderful recreation area. Here you can hike, swim, kayak, and climb! There are a few different places available to climb like right above Shoshone Falls, along the walls around Dierkes, and a wonderful boulder field. Dierkes Boulder Fest is a once a year event where talented climbers get together and boulder together. The basalt rock makes for wonderful hand holds and funky climbs. Sport climbers and bouldering lovers alike enjoy the various locations and opportunities to climb around Dierkes Lake.

Mountain Biking

Auger Falls

Mountain biking is extremely popular around Twin Falls especially in the spring and early summer because our snow melts much faster than the surrounding mountains. Bike down at Auger Falls Heritage Park almost year round depending on precipitation. Auger Falls has hundreds of miles of bike paths you can explore as well as a brand new bike park.

Indian Springs is another mountain biking area located south of Twin Falls in the the South Hills. The South Hills Single Track System is great for experienced mountain bikers. There are over 40 miles of trails to ride with views of the Magic Valley. Find a loop ride starting at the Indian springs trailhead, directly south of Kimberly.

ATV in the South Hills

The South Hills are located about an hour south of Twin Falls. They are beautiful green, rolling hills that have stunning views and wildlife. There are hundreds of miles worth of ATV trails you can explore, so many in fact you could make it all the way down to Jackpot Nevada! Diamond Field Jacks is a great place to park the trailer and suit up to ride. There are trails all around that you can take, but please be sure to carry a GPS to assure you can find your way back to Diamond Field Jacks. Bring food and water for a full day of exploring and pack out what you brought in.

Where to Stay & Dine Out in Twin Falls

Twin Falls has many options for food, drink, and places to stay. We highly recommend going with local cuisine to experiment some farm to table, and lots of locally sourced ingredients. There are many local restaurants Downtown Twin Falls that are locally owned and source locally. Some of these include, Koto Brewing, Milner’s Gate, Saffron Indian Cuisine and more! Accommodations range in price and type throughout Twin Falls, but one that never fails is Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot. The rooms are clean, spacious, cozy and fresh. Breakfast is a wonderful spread and the pool is perfect for the kids.

*Tip* You can find more beautiful locations to visit on our Visit Southern Idaho App!