Southern Idaho has so many incredible adventures we had to make a list of all the once in a life time experiences you can do. Enjoy Southern Idaho, our version of the Wild West.  

*Most of these adventures are family friendly! We will clarify the difficulty and experience required for each adventure.*

Pillar Falls, Hike, Twin Falls, Snake River Canyon,
  1. White Water Rafting: Family Friendly
  2. Kayaking to Pillar Falls: Family Friendly
  3. Kayaking to Shoshone Falls: Experienced Kayakers Only
  4. Tandem BASE Jump: Solo, Adult Experience
  5. Hike to Independence Lakes: Adventure Family Friendly

White Water Rafting 

White water rafting is an incredible experience! Check out Idaho Guide Service to white water raft the Hagerman Stretch of the Snake River. Take a day trip down the river to experience incredible rapids as well as bond with your loved ones. You will get to stop to pick berries, snack on the beach, and even float the river if you’d like.

*Difficulty: easy. No experience is required to go white water rafting with Idaho Guide Service.

Kayaking to Pillar Falls

Pillar Falls is hidden at the base of the Snake River Canyon, in the middle of the river. In the spring and summer time it is a raging waterfall area, then in the late summer to winter it becomes the perfect place to get out of your kayaks and explore! AWOL Adventure Sports is located at Centennial Waterfront Park which is also where you put in for Pillar Falls. AWOL rents tandem kayaks, single kayaks, and paddle boards. 

*Difficulty: moderate. Beginner to experienced kayaker required. The paddle is 4 miles total (there and back) and can be tiring. The wind also can make the paddle even harder. We recommend booking tandem kayaks to assist each other, and your children with kayaking. 

Kayaking to Shoshone Falls

Kayak Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Waterfalls

Kayaking to Shoshone Falls is the ultimate Wild West experience. Start at Centennial Waterfront Park and paddle to Pillar Falls. Stay to the right of Pillar Falls to carry your kayaks over the rocky waterfall area. Then, put in on the other side of the falls and paddle all the way to Shoshone Falls. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart! Book a guided tour with AWOL Adventure Sports for the best experience possible. They will assure you are safe and know where to go. We do not recommend you attempt this without first doing research.

*Difficulty: hard. Experienced kayaker required. The paddle is 8 miles total (there and back) and can be absolutely exhausting, especially in the sun. Be prepared with sun screen, hats, food, and lots of water.

Tandem BASE Jump

The most extreme of Southern Idaho adventures are jumping off of the Perrine Bridge! Professional BASE jumpers are always leaping off the bridge no matter the time of day, as long as the wind is down. Travelers have the option to experience this for themselves! Check out Tandem BASE to book a jump with a professional. You’ll be strapped in with the instructor, Sean, and he will guide you on what happens next. The experience is truly a once in a lifetime, and not many people can say they have done this daring jump. 

*Difficulty: mentally hard. You must climb over the Perrine Bridge rails to stand on the platform to jump. If you are terrified of heights this is not for you. 

Backpacking or Hiking Independence Lakes & Cache Peak

Arial Independence Lakes, Cache Peak, Albion Mountains, Burley

Independence Lakes is only open late summer to fall. As soon as the snow falls the road up to the trailhead closes. The round trip hike to all 3 lakes is about 8 miles total. The long but beautiful hike showcases views of Southern Idaho. In the summer the trail is littered with wild flowers, and in the fall the mountain glows yellow and orange. The 3 lakes sit at the base of Cache Peak. There are camp areas all around the lakes and the best area to camp is at the 2nd lake.


*Difficulty: hard. Over 1,000 foot elevation gain over 3-4 miles. Pack lots of water and proper clothing. Bring your swim suit to swim in the chilly alpine lakes!

Independence Lakes, Cache Peak, Hiking, Albion Mountains

We hope you enjoy your Idaho adventures, our version of the Wild West! Stay safe, do your research, and have the experience of a life time in a one-of-a-kind location.