Southern Idaho is one of those places that not many have been or have even heard of! Break out of the travel mold and explore some place new. Adventure is calling your name, and here are the 5 reasons why Southern Idaho should be your next getaway.

  1. The Waterfalls
  2. Less Crowds
  3. Affordable
  4. The Snake River
  5. The Mountains

1) The Waterfalls

Twin Falls is known as the City of Waterfalls because of the 30+ you can find just right around the city. Also, Southern Idaho is home to a scenic byway that is even called Thousand Springs Scenic Byway! With all that being said, there are so many waterfalls to find in Southern Idaho.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is the biggest and most spectacular waterfall around. It is located in Twin Falls, Idaho and towers 212 feet in the air making it taller than Niagara Falls! Visit this waterfall in the late spring to see it at its maximum force. Annually through the month of May, Shoshone Falls lights up and glows at a show called Shoshone Falls After Dark

Perrine Coulee

Perrine Coulee is another amazing waterfall to find in Twin Falls. It is located above Centennial Waterfront Park to the west of the Perrine Bridge. This waterfalls gives you the ability to walk behind it! In the summer is generally when it is at its largest, but does flow year round.

Auger Falls Hike, Twin Falls, Hike, Snake River, Waterfall

Auger Falls is a waterfall on the Snake River in Twin Falls. It is at the base of the Snake River Canyon, a few miles west miles of the Perrine Bridge. Auger Falls Heritage Park is an entire recreation area for bikers, hikers, runners, and waterfall chasers. Enjoy a number of waterfalls on the way to Auger Falls, then find Auger Falls itself after about 2 miles of hiking on the Snake River. 

Box Canyon

Box Canyon Falls is a vibrant blue waterfall near Hagerman, Idaho. It flows year round and is about 30 feet high! The water that flows at Box Canyon is clear blue water you generally only find tropical places. It is freezing cold, but feeling the waterfall splash you on a warm day feels amazing!

Lemmon Falls

Ritter Island State Park, Thousand Springs, Lemmon Falls, Waterfalls, Clear Water, Idaho Power Park, Kayaking, Southern Idaho, Hagerman

Lemmon Falls is a tall, beautiful waterfall at Ritter Island. The waterfall is inland, and can be found on a path from the parking lot. You do not need to cross the bridge at Ritter Island to see the waterfall. It flows year round and is the same blue water you see at Box Canyon. If you can cross the bridge at Ritter Island (open May-September) the coolest view of Lemmon Falls is standing in the center of the bridge, or being on a kayak in the water!

2) Less Crowds

Little City of Rocks, Gooding Idaho, Hike, Sightsee, fall

Southern Idaho is somewhat undiscovered! Idaho is the hidden pocket surrounded by our more famous neighbors. The greatest part is that we share a little of all their best spots. Find incredible rock formations that you see at the Utah National Parks like Bryce Canyon, hoodoos, at places like Little City of Rocks in Gooding, Idaho. Soak in remote hot springs similar to Oregon at place like Skillern Hot Springs or Worswick Hot Springs in Fairfield, Idaho. Find incredible alpine lakes similar to Montana at places like Independence Lakes south of Burley, Idaho.

All of these locations are relatively unknown when it comes to the average traveler, and are often empty! It is not uncommon to have the entire Little City of Rocks to yourself, or camp at your own private lake at any of the Independence Lakes. Choosing to visit Southern Idaho means you’ll be at peace knowing the nature won’t be overcrowded.

Arial Independence Lakes, Cache Peak, Albion Mountains, Burley

3) Affordable

Prices are lower in smaller destinations. That’s the perk of visiting Southern Idaho! Towns such as Gooding, Bliss, Shoshone, Buhl, Hagerman, and Burley have extremely affordable rates! Even the biggest city of Twin Falls has cheap hotel options. Nature is free for the most part, and the destinations that cost money are not expensive.

Southern Idaho is extremely affordable to visit. The average hotel cost (peak travel season) is around $120 a night, and slower seasons are even lower. These hotels will offer you high quality service. Find basic hotels for an average of $70 a night. Get unique accommodations like B&B’s, large Airbnb’s, yurts and more for an average of $140 a night.

Camping is also extremely affordable in parks, for example, at the City of Rocks National Reserve it only costs  $10. There are many free dispersed campsites all around Southern Idaho. Find many options for RV camping like at the Jerome/Twin Falls KOA, Rustic Edge RV Park and Cabins, or Rock Creek RV Park. Nature is for the most part free!

A few destinations have low fees such as a $5 charge to enter Shoshone Falls City Park, $7 fee to visit Box Canyon State Park, $10 fee to hot spring soak at Miracle Hot Springs, or a $39 fee to ski or snowboard all day at Magic Mountain Ski Resort. This is the cheapest ski resort in Idaho!

4) The Snake River

Kayak Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Waterfalls

The Snake River runs through Southern Idaho cutting through cities like Burley, Heyburn, Twin Falls, and Hagerman. Some areas of the Snake River are flat and perfect for boating. Other areas are rough and rocky, spitting rapids and waterfalls! Even a section that sits the river at the base of a 500 foot canyon!

Kayaking is available on all sections of the Snake River Canyon. Enjoy peaceful waters by launching from Heyburn Riverside Park on the Burley section of the Snake River. Other peaceful water locations are at Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls and in Hagerman at Ritter Island or launching from Banbury Hot Springs.


5) The Mountains

The final reason why Southern Idaho should be your next getaway is the gorgeous mountain ranges! There are three main mountainous areas we always recommend travelers to visit: Soldier Mountain, Magic Mountain, and the Albion Mountains.

Soldier Mountain

Soldier Mountains/Sawtooth National Forest are located north of Fairfield in Camas County. There are hot springs, a ski resort, and plenty of hiking/biking/snowmobiling in the area. The Soldier Mountains have stunning views, rock formations, and steamy sides of rolling hills.  

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain/Cassia Mountain Range otherwise known as the South Hills are south of Twin Falls in Twin Falls County. The South Hills are a wonderful destination no matter the season. Hike through the forest, see waterfalls, and enjoy skiing in the winter time. These gentle mountains make for a stunning adventure.

Pomerelle Mountain

Skyline Trail, near Pomerelle, Albion Mountains, Hiking

Albion Mountains/Pomerelle Mountain & Cache Peak have so much to explore! Check out Lake Cleveland, see 360 views at Mt. Harrison, ski at Pomerelle Mountain, backpack to Independence Lakes, drive the City of Rocks Scenic Byway and more!

Road to the City of Rocks